legal and ethical issues cyber domain

Resource: Table 3-1, “Key U.S. Laws of Interest to Information Security Professionals,” in Ch. 3, “Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Information Security,” of Principles of Information Security

Research fundamental U.S. laws, security laws, regulations, and guidelines that impact the cyber domain in The Security Laws, Regulations and Guidelines Directory on the CSO from IDG website.

Discuss the laws and regulations that most impact information security professionals. Include the following in your discussion:

  • The roles of those responsible for upholding the laws
  • The impact of laws and regulations on the organization you chose in Week 1
  • How ethics and politics across various domains (space, maritime, and physical) of states and global nations differ from those in the U.S.
  • Your experience with any of the laws and regulations

Note: You will use information from this discussion in your Week 2 assignment, “Legal, Ethical, and Privacy Issues in the Cyber Domain.”

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