lmc 3206 communication and culture communication in hip hop culture and media final essay 30 points

final paper due on Tuesday( July 31st). I really just been caught up with other classes and test. haven’t had time to do this and running out of time quickly. the directions of the assignment will be listed bellow if you need syllabus I will also be listen below. i’m looking for at least a high B grade on this assignment. and for the choice of topic, feel free do which ever you like to do.

Students are required to turn in one critical synthesis essay over the course of the 11-week semester. By mid-semester, it is my goal for you to have a better understanding of the socio-cultural and pedagogical foundations of Hip Hop as a community of practice with a set of multi-modal ideas, values, and views of knowledge and the world communicated across a variety of technology, speech, and other modes of representation.

In this final paper, you may use the weekly discussions as drafts to articulate a more clear and concise essay. You will need to refer to no less than a combination of 3-5 references. That is, the assigned readings, films, songs, and podcasts.

Areas of focus might include:

  • The pedagogical performance of Hip Hop
  • The history of Hip Hop culture, situating it within the overall Black Aesthetic and history of music in the American South.
  • The evolution of its aesthetic elements, innovations, and ideologies following the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • The sociocultural foundations of hip hop and the evolution of the Hip Hop generation
  • The innovation of sampling – that is, through sound, lyrics, and ideas.
  • The evolution of the MC/DJ relationship
  • The role of women in Hip Hop beyond the female MC
  • The history of Atlanta Hip Hop and the development of Atlanta Hip Hop Studies as an area of inquiry for studying the role of Atlanta and trap music in understanding of the overall storytelling of social justice sustainability inherent in the culture’s pedagogical performance practices
  • The role of media in the dissemination and commodification of Hip Hop culture.
  • The use of Hip Hop as a technology of education and mode of communication for engaging topics of social impact when producing media such as documentaries and podcasts.

These essays can also take the form of a review, depending on the activities we engage in while in class: class discussions, in-class listening assignments, and analysis of the cultural material we will explore. Keep in mind, the purpose of the reflection is to show that you have a cultural understanding and grasp of the analysis methods used in class. This final essay should be three single-spaced pages only: three for text and a fourth is a reference page. They should follow either MLA, APA, or Chicago guidelines for in-text referencing and citations. Using 11 or 12-point Times or Times New Roman font, essays should be single-spaced, have one-inch margins, a title (not title-page), and include a top-right heading that consists of your name, the date, the name of the course, and the instructor’s name. These essays will be read and graded according to the posted rubric.

One last thing on these reflections: your job will be to take the main idea(s) and articulate a position. This is not simply “Yes, I agree with this or that.” Instead this is your opportunity to articulate the synthesis of your critical thoughts as they relate to the readings and discussions. This is an opportunity to show me, through your writing, that you are investing time in the readings and screenings. This is important to our study because listening to music material and viewing film and video is a vital component to understanding the loftiness of the material. Please think of the music, film, and video resources as primary texts for the course. There is no mechanism for making up the essays unless you have an official excuse. DO NOT E-MAIL ME YOUR ESSAYS! I will not read them. This critical response must be submitted through Canvas by 8am on the due date.

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