locate a specific work or performance that was created by an artist who confessed christianity and worked out of a distinctively christian worldview

WK 8 – Analysis

  • The Final Analysis
  • Choose any of the art forms studied during the term, including dance. Locate a specific work or performance that was created by an artist who confessed Christianity and worked out of a distinctively Christian worldview. The work should be considered a masterpiece of its kind.Do some research on the artist and the work and try to gain a deep understanding of how the artist integrated his or her faith with the materials of that art form. Study the work yourself independent of the judgment of others to further this understanding.
  • Consider the following questions:1) How does the content of the work reflect a Christian worldview?
    2) How does the style of the work contribute to its message?
    3) How does the artist handle the unique challenges of the artistic form?
    4) What in the craftsmanship or execution of the work reflects an understanding of art as a gift from God?
    5) Are there any aspects of the work that you question given your own understanding of the faith?Now for this assignment, compose a 1000-1500 word critical analysis of a specific artistic masterwork by an artist who confesses or confessed Christianity. Address the five questions listed above in an essay designed to show how faith can be expressed through the tools of a specific artistic medium. Use specific detailed analysis of parts of the work to develop your points.Include with your essay images from the work, sound clips from it, or links to it. These will be in addition to the 1000-1500 word analysis. Also, you should include citations when using materials from scholarly sources, but this paper is to be an analysis, not a research essay.
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