maternal child 1

On the topic Streptococcus


Describe where and when learning will occur. Identify what can affect the learning both positively and negatively. Research the environment that you are assigned.

Developmental/lifespan considerations for the childbearing women (see pages 236-237, class text: Ward & Hisley)

Learner need (explain why this topic is a necessary health promotion topic for the prenatal client. Utilize evidence based literature.

PLANNING (learning outcomes)

S.M.A.R.T.Client Outcome in Cognitive Domain

S.M.A.R.T.Client Outcome in Affective Domain

S.M.A.R.T. Client Outcome in Psychomotor Domain


Include a detailed outline/summary of the content that you will teach

Describe at least two teaching methods

At least one will include client(s) demonstration.

Describe/include materials (pamphlet). Create a pamphlet that is educational and engaging with the following components: (no powerpoints ). Identify evidence based practice quotes and or statistics that will enhance your presentation. Utilize a professional refereed journal.

•Calming, inviting pictures that enhance the clarity of the content

•Any specific directions


•Risk factors

•In text citations

•Reference list

Initiate teaching session– how will you begin the teaching session to engage your client?

Teaching vs Telling- Explain the difference between telling and teaching? How will this impact your presentation?


Explain how you will evaluate the learner? Identify the evaluation strategy. Include how you will end the teaching session so the client has input regarding what they learned.

Resources: Utilize APA format with in-text citations for both the rubric responses and the teaching/learning material. Include cover page with student names. Responses will be clear and logical.

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