media ethics final case study

During the term you are completing two individual ethical case studies. You have already turned in the first one, and the second one. Consider this final project as a much bigger version of the same type of thing. In teams of two, you are to identify a current or very recent mass communication-related issue that has ethical implications. This can be an issue related to media coverage of a sensitive topic, the choice of images associated with coverage of that topic, an organization’s handling of a crisis or response to an issue, an advertisement that might push the boundaries, or even a celebrity or opinion leader who has done something questionable. Find two specific “cases” that address this broader issue… then analyze, compare and contrast. Why is it important? Who are the moral claimants? How are they affected? How are media ethics’ lenses (consequentialism, utilitarianism, duty-based, relativism, ethics of care, etc.) applicable to this issue?

Your team has two things due. During week 4, you will give 10-minute presentations (10 % of your grade), telling us what your project is all about and your main takeaways (this is the easy part). Each student will then write individually an essay of approximately 6-8 double-spaced pages on the ethical issues that the group presented to the class. The final paper constitutes 40% of the grade. How you organize depends on the type of case you are analyzing, but all projects must include the following sections:

  • Background of the issue being addressed
  • Comparison of the two specific cases that address the ethical issue. For each:
    1. Values at play
    2. A discussion of the ethical mindsets (philosophies) either being demonstrated, or—if you’re analyzing a case that has yet to be resolved—the possible mindsets that might provide certain guidance.
    3. Application of at least two additional concepts from class that are relevant to your case. (i.e. Are there issues related to loyalty, objectivity, manipulation, privacy, moral development, etc.)
  • Analysis of actions taken (or not taken), and what you would recommend they do next (if still in process) or next time (if already resolved).

These were the articles cases to use:

our notes that might help you and the presentation we did is attached as well.

We could talk about how they’re unethical because of the way how in the
first article he brings up someones suicide to try and get his
advertisement point across. In the second article they’re promoting
Instagram as a part/form of therapy. Mental health is a sensitive topic
and people could take these articles offensively. Let me know what you
think. we can talk about how Google can help unethical activities and how Google can be unethical as well.

Case Brief Details: Be creative with the format – embed fonts, go single-space with heading and sub heads, come up with a fun title. No more than 8 pages. Be creative.

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