midterm study guide 6193 huma 1301

The 90-minute exam will be based on lectures for weeks 1 and 2. Lectures are not optional so make sure that you have a set of notes based on the lectures and that you study them thoroughly for the exam. Below you will find the short answer and essay topics. You are getting these ahead of time and you should study them thoroughly. Over half of your midterm consists of the portion that I am giving you ahead of time. Take advantage of that to do well.

The responses for your 5 short answer questions should be 4-5 sentences each. The topics to study thoroughly for the short answer are:

cave art

Rosetta Stone

citizenship in the Hellenistic world

religion of the Etruscans

slavery in the Roman Republic

For your essay, the two possible topics are:

Changes during the Mesolithic and Neolithic eras

Religion and society in ancient Egypt

ONE of those topics will be on the midterm.

The response for your essay should be 3-4 sizable paragraphs. A short response will get you minimal points. You are getting these topics beforehand so you are expected to write a well thought out answer on the exam.

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