mini analysis paper 2 1

In Your Community: Looking at Art You will want to plan for this assignment in advance because it requires you to do field work! You will visit an art institution of your choice and locate one work of art that is of interest to you. This can be in any media: photography, painting, sculpture, video, etc. Once you have found the work you plan to write on there are two key components to consider for your paper: 1. Visual Analysis: A visual analysis is a purposeful description of a single work of art providing details of the visual components and artistic choices. The goal for the first part of this assignment is to describe the work in detail using the vocabulary learned through the study of art in this course. You will need to take time to observe the work you have chosen. In this part you will want to focus on the visual elements of the work such as forms, shapes, expressions, posture, colours/shadow, lines, textures, technical aspects, and the arrangement or composition. You will take account of the materials used, the subject matter and the style. You will want to call attention to how the formal aspects help to convey or make meaning in the work. 2. Interpretation: For the second part of the assignment you will need to interpret the work. What does it mean? What ideas are conveyed, implied or suggested? Does the medium affect the meaning, if so explain how. In your analysis you will relate the work to at least 2 course ideas/concepts (if you are unsure what course concepts are see the key terms for each week at the top of each Module, i.e. the gaze, Orientalism, postmodernism, appropriation). The interpretation of the work of art and application of course concepts should constitute the majority of your writing for this assignment. This is intended to be an exercise in looking and applying course material. If you do outside research for your paper you will need to cite your sources and provide a bibliography. Please take note: If you consult didactic panels, printed brochures or publications, or interview employees at an institution, be sure to cite this in footnotes and include a bibliography. You may use Chicago Manual Style, APA or MLA for citations.

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