mini case study 7

These mini case studies can be either successful or unsuccessful marketing practices from the hospitality industry. For the mini case study, you can search online or offline as far as the sources of information are concerned. It can be a marketing situation at your workplace or you heard of or you personally experienced. If it is a successful story, you can reflect on what made it successful; you can also think of ways to further improve it if it failed or didn’t achieve the desired results.

here is guideline for mini case study

Introduction (20 points)

This section should provide the basic information regarding the identified case study such as the hospitality setting and why it is important to conduct this case study. The mini case study must be hospitality marketing related. If you have concerns on your choice, please consult with the instructor.

Case Study Content (40 points)

You should provide enough details to describe what exactly happened, who were the people involved, and when and where the incident took place. Also, you need to explain what the cause of this incident was. Please tell a complete story in detail.

Reflections (30 points)

A set of reflections (at least 3) must be offered to further discuss the successes achieved or lessons learned as indicated in the case study.

Organization and communication (10 points)

The mini case study should have a cover page that lists the title, your name(s), and date of submission. Use Times New Roman 12 font size and make 1” margin on all sides. Follow the APA (American Psychological Association) format for references. The body of this mini case study should be 2 to 3 pages in length (typed and single spaced), excluding references, figures, and/or tables. Check your spelling and grammar prior to submission.

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