module 5 quiz human development

Question 1

Psychological distancing between parents and children is normal during adolescence, and most parent–child conflict is mild.

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Question 2

In one study, adolescents who formed friendships or romantic bonds on the Internet tended to be well-adjusted, popular with peers, and emotionally close to their parents.

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Question 3

Late-maturing boys and early-maturing girls tend to be popular, self-confident, and sociable.

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Question 4

Early dating is related to drug use, delinquency, and poor academic achievement.

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Question 5

Intimacy is a defining feature of adolescent friendships.

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Question 6

Compared to girls, boys tend to get less social support for the physical changes of puberty.

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Question 7

Adolescents tend to be more possessive of their friends than they were in childhood.

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Question 8

In the sequence of pubertal events, the growth spurt occurs at approximately the same age for both boys and girls.

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Question 9

Research indicates that adolescence is a period of storm and stress for most teenagers.

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Question 10

Because of gender-role expectations, girls’ friendships usually focus on communal concerns, boys’ on achievement and status.

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Question 11

Both biological and social forces contribute to the experience of adolescence.

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Question 12

Throughout the adolescent years, both cliques and crowds increase in importance.

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Question 13

Most researchers agree that high sex hormone levels are primarily responsible for adolescent moodiness.

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Question 14

Boys’ same-sex friendships tend to be of shorter duration than girls’.

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Question 15

Both heredity and physical health contribute to pubertal growth.

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Question 16

Because it emphasizes strict discipline and firm control over children, authoritarian child rearing is related to resistance to peer pressure.

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Question 17

Menarche takes place immediately before the peak of the height spurt.

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Question 18

Because it takes them so long to find partners, the first dating relationships of gay and lesbian youths tend to be long-lasting and to involve high levels of emotional commitment.

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Question 19

Clique membership is more important to girls than boys.

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Question 20

Girls adjust especially well to puberty when their fathers are aware of pubertal changes.

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