moral philosophy essay questions

I need these 6 questions answered fully. EVERY PART OF THE QUESTION MUST BE ANSWERED. There are videos to each subject that I can send the links to as well. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES OR INFORMATION ARE TO BE USED. I need them done asap. The questions need to answered in full and all parts covered. Double spaced and organized by question. This is to be submitted to turn it in. Attached are the 6 questions:

Answer all six questions. They are each worth ten points. Be thorough and make sure that you answer each part of the questions. When you are finished, save your document and submit it via the Exam Submission area of Blackboard. The deadline for this assignment is 8pm, Friday, 08/09/19.

  1. What are Rawls’ two principles of justice? Fully explain how Rawls justifies each. To do so, you will need to explain the role that the original position, the veil of ignorance, and the maximin strategy play in Rawls’ philosophy.
  2. Explain each of the following scenarios and what Thomson uses them to demonstrate: a) the violinist, b) the tiny house, c) the stuffy apartment, d) the boxes of chocolates, and e) the tragic story of Kitty Genovese.
  3. What problem does Warren find with the traditional pro-life argument? What are the two space traveler examples and what does she use them to demonstrate? How does Warren respond to the infanticide objection? Does Warren agree with Thomson’s position? Explain.
  4. What is FLO and what role does it play in Marquis’ argument against the moral permissibility of abortion? What evidence or arguments does Marquis use in support of FLO? Of the three philosophers (Thomson, Warren, and Marquis), which do you think provides the account of the moral status of abortion that is most correct? Explain your reasoning.
  5. What is the AMA position on euthanasia according to Rachels? How is it applicable to the distinction between active euthanasia and passive euthanasia? Explain the Smith and Jones example and what Rachels uses it to demonstrate. Finally, explain Rachels’ view on how to evaluate whether an instance of active euthanasia or passive euthanasia is morally acceptable.
  6. What is the AMA position on euthanasia according to Steinbock? How is it applicable to the distinction between active euthanasia and passive euthanasia? Explain the two examples that Steinbock considers and what she uses them to demonstrate. Does Steinbock disagree with the moral judgment Rachels makes concerning the euthanizing of Down syndrome babies with intestinal obstructions? If not, where exactly do they disagree? Explain.
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