motivational strategy

Submit Assignment: Intrinsic Motivational Strategy

While extrinsic motivational tactics have become the norm, it does not have to be the rule. In fact, in many situations coaches today can be more effective in developing motivated athletes by incorporating intrinsic strategies.

To prepare: Review coaching strategies (3D Institute, n.d.) to build the athletes’ confidence.

Identify an intrinsic strategy of reaching/motivating athletes from your studies that sparked an interest in you. Consider:

  • What about that method draws your interest? Why?
  • How might you incorporate this into your practice/season/program routines?
  • What would be your intended outcome in using this strategy?


Develop an implementation plan for an intrinsic strategy that your team/program could use to increase motivation within your athletes. Format your plan in such a way that another individual could carry out the plan, including when the plan would be used and the intended results. This strategy will be included in your “Coaching beyond the X’s and O’s” handbook.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.


3D Institute. (n.d.). 3D coaching strategies. Retrieved from

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