need a 450 word discussion on burnout crises and cognitive behavior

Anything below 450 words will result in an automatic Zero.

Posts with less than 3 paragraphs, without peer response, that do not follow instructions, with paragraphs with less than 3 sentences, with grammatical/spelling and/or other writing errors will result in point deductions.

-Now that you have reviewed about the occupational hazards that many human service workers endure (burnout/crises etc) please answer the following questions:

1. Discuss the three components of burnout and how you believe they could impact a helping professional’s ability to be effective.

2. Discuss the cognitive, behavioral and/or emotional responses that you have experienced when you have handled crises in your life.

3. Finally, discuss examples of personal qualities or self care practices that could mediate or prevent symptoms of burnout or that can help you navigate crises as a helping professional.

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