need help with a final essay

The final exam is a single prompt. There is no word minimum or maximum, just be sure to fully address the following:

Clearly support and defend in a written essay what you have gained from this course, and how this might apply it to your postgraduate goals.

Attached below is a sample essay provided from my prof.

Just incase you need some information about me to write the essay. I am a business major with concentration in accounting. This is a geography class that i need this essay for and you have been writing almost all my discussion posts, review article and film essays for this class.

More info on the essay question:

The final exam is a single essay question. You must clearly support and defend in a written essay what you have gained from this course and how you might apply this to your postgraduate goals. This needs to merit 100 points (10%) of your total grade. It will be up to you to determine and track what you think can be used as evidence over the term to cite specific examples in your essay to support your position.

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