need help with an online business exam

Below is the prompt and attached are images in order to help you navigate the online portal. It will have content needed to help you complete the exam. READ IT AND MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND. I need a 90% or above, otherwise I will have to ask for a refund.


25 multiple choice questions (all compulsory) and 3 short answer questions (all optional).

The exam is open book and will be available for 24 hours from 8am August 1, 2019 and closes on 8am August 2, 2019 (EST AMERICAN TIME)

Multiple attempts are allowed. You won’t see scores of your attempts until after exam closes. Only the final attempt will be scored. (Example: If you made 2 attempts, only the second attempt will be scored).

WHAT WILL BE COVERED (this is new)

Only Week 1 to Week 5 content will be covered. WE WILL NOT COVER WEEK 6.

All content to answer the questions will be based on content already on Blackboard. You will be required to do GOOGLE internet searches for several questions

My questions require you to think. You want to think and use the content to answer. The reason for this is for you to explore as much as the content as possible.


Please ensure you don’t rush to answer all questions in the final two hours or so. Technical problems can happen on Blackboard or even for your internet connectivity at home/office

Please don’t underestimate the time required to complete. Though there are 25 questions, these questions can take some time to answer, because some questions require you to research the content. That is why I have allocated 24 hours.

During when the exam is open (i.e 8am August 1) until it ends ( i.e 8am August 2), to be fair to all students, I can’t answer any questions you may have except for technical issues.

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