need two different copies for same question in different docs apa references and citations

Chapter 6 and 7 provided a overview of Privacy Tools and Processing and Managing Threats. One item that stood out in particular was Solove’s Taxonomy of Privacy (p. 112-113) You can read his original work in 2006 before it was published in his book in 2008:…

After reading chapter 6 and 7, you’re ready to participate in the next discussion.

Please select one of the following platforms below related to privacy:

  • CREDIT CARD USAGE with CHIP Technology

As a Security Professional, describe how you would apply the 5 steps of Solove’s taxonomy of privacy (bottom of pg 112) to the platform you selected above to ensure the best privacy outcomes for customers. Please provide this in paragraph format.

You must do the following:

1) Create a new thread. As indicated above, please select one of the platforms above and answer the questions for the 5 steps in Solove’s taxonomy. You must use a minimum of three references for your initial posts. Also, please cite all references and use proper APA formatting.

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