no specific question please respond to the two topics as directed 100 words each


Throughout this course, many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. Respond to the two Discussion topics (100 words each).

IT133: Microsoft Office Applicatioins on Demand

Topic 1:

Based on your readings and the Hoonuit tutorials, give two reasons why you think Excel skills are so important in the job market today. Discuss how you would expect to use Excel in your future career or in your personal life.

Hint: You can take a look at a popular job search website, and enter Excel as a criterion to see which jobs list Excel as a required skill set. Feel free to share that information with the class.

IT190: Information Technology Concepts

Topic 2:

Visit the Google Play® store (for Android®) or the App Store® (for Apple® devices) and choose two applications that you feel will help you as you progress through school. You can consider time-management tools, note-taking tools, study tools (such as math games), or any other tools you believe will be useful. For each app you choose, begin by briefly describing the application. Is the application free, or does it cost money? What do you like most about the app? How do you think it will help you? Would you recommend it to your classmates? Why or why not?

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