nsg 451 professional nursing leadership perspectives wk 4 leadership change project framework

  1. Assignment Content

    1. Leaders seek out change opportunities regularly. Innovation, critical thinking, and decision making are key to making an impact on an organization. This assignment is designed to help you look at aspects of your own clinical practice and become a change agent in your organization. Use your current or past experience to identify a change project to implement.

      Step 1: Select 1 of the 3 topic for a change project.

      Review the following resources for potential change topic or process ideas:

      Step 2: Identify the context for your change.

      • Describe the setting where the change will take place. For example, clinical, insurance, home health, or public and community.
      • Explain who is affected: patients, nurses, leadership, and other stakeholders in the organization.

      Step 3: Review the literature to find possible solutions and evidence to address your topic.

      • Research sources that guide evidence-based practice to improve outcomes related to your selected topic.
      • Find a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles directly related to addressing your change topic.

      Step 4: Create a draft implementation plan.

      • Summarize each article to explain how the evidence you gathered will help address your change topic.
      • Explain how you could use the information in the research to carry out the change in your identified setting.

      Format your assignment as a 700- to 1,050-word APA formatted paper,
      Including an APA-formatted cover and reference page.

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