obtain an illinois soil survey pdf version only for a county that you are interested in this can be some family property a state park your home a new subdivision you pass to and from work school each day any place you are interested in in illinois 1

Obtain an Illinois Soil Survey (pdf version only) for a county that you are interested in. This can be some family property, a state park, your home, a new subdivision you pass to and from work/school each day… any place you are interested in in Illinois. Available counties are located at: http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/soilsurve… Follow the Illinois link and select a county. IF THERE ARE MULTIPLE LINKS AVAILABLE FOR A COUNTY, SELECT THE MOST RECENT YEAR PDF that is avaiable. Download the Soil Survey manuscript pdf for the area you are interested in. WEB SOIL SURVEY (WSS) will be used to obtain a soil map of the site you are interested in. The pdf soil survey used to have map sheets linked at the end but the USDA has slowly been removing them from the pdf soil surveys and having people use WSS instead as it can be updated more easily. You should still use the county soil survey pdf to do this assignment. Later in the semester we will use Web Soil Survey data. Don’t use the data from WSS for this assignment. Obtaining a map is ok though. You will be selecting a transect from some location you are interested in (PART 1) and writing up a description of the site along with drawing some cross-sections, data tables, and describing the site and land use issues related to the soils present (PART 2). Please view the sample Soil Survey Report linked on Blackboard. This is what an A grade would look like. We will be doing another similar project in a few weeks for a location you select that is not in Illinois. 2 PART 1 (10 pts) due Sunday, 7-21-19 at 11:55 PM – Submit on Blackboard Using the soil survey you obtained, select an area of land that contains at minimum 4 different soil series (not 4 map units). For example, map units 76C and 76D would count as 1 soil series even they are different map units (have different slope but are the same soil). Some of you may have to select a large area depending on the pedologic and geologic complexity of the area. Avoid selecting urbanized areas containing large acreages of mapped orthents (disturbed soils). Verify your site selection with me prior to beginning any significant work. Send me an email with a jpg, tiff, or ppt… of your transect area with the transect line drawn in OR bring it to me to look at. See the following example and another on page 8. Note this transect (on next page) crosses map units: We only care what soils cross the transect line you draw, we do not care what soils are on the map but off the transect line 761D3 97F 509B 509D 689B 761F There are six map units but only four soil series (761, 397, 509, 689). The 761D and 761F map units are the same soil series on 2 different slopes. 509B and 509D map units are the same soil series on 2 different slopes. All that is handed in for Part 1 is the air photo with your transect line and scale drawn on it. It should look like the example below. To summarize for Part 1: 1) Obtain pdf copy of county you are interested in from website on page 1 of instructions and same as HW 6. The pdf has soil info but no maps. 2) Use Web Soil Survey to obtain soil map of area you are interested in. 3) Use PowerPoint or Wrd or some software to add a transect line (A———A’) on your photo. Include scale 4) Submit Part 1. Once I grade and OK part 1 you are able to finish Part 2.

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