outcome 3 interpersonal communication portfolio pbam 1

Students will demonstrate effective communication both orally and in writing. Students will utilize effective interpersonal and group communication methodologies incorporating the use of appropriate technology, and develop professional documents and persuasive presentations utilizing communication technologies that convey key concepts to internal and external stakeholders.Using an organizational or group situation with which you are very familiar, construct a portfolio of interpersonal communication with groups/audiences supported by technology. The first part of the portfolio will include:

• A clearly identified message to be communicated;

• A clearly identified audience to receive the message, described in terms of the number of people in the audience, the reason they need to receive the message, and their characteristics (organizational role(s), cultural group(s) represented, preferred communication styles and methods, etc.);

• A strategy for communicating the message that includes its format, timing, delivery options, and how technology will be used to support the delivery and/or content of the message;

• A record of the message being delivered, such as a video or audio recording of a presentation, or a copy of a written document.

Lastly, a written reflection of 8 – 10 pages in APA format on the relative effectiveness of the communication, including consideration of how well the message was delivered, how it was received, and how you gathered feedback from the audience regarding the effectiveness of the communication. The written reflection will also include specific lessons learned and recommendations for improvement.

You may propose an alternative project of your own design that shows attainment of the corresponding course outcome. The mentor must approve the alternative project.

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