outcome 5 ethical leadership analysis pbam 1

Students will critically analyze a business issue and create effective, ethical solutions. They will apply ethical analysis to contemporary leadership issues in business by demonstrating the skills, traits, and actions of an ethical leader.

From a leadership perspective, demonstrate your critical and ethical thinking skills by creating an analysis that applies ethical principles to an ethical issue in business. You will select an issue to research that is more common in a non-profit operation and also a for-profit business, such as misrepresentation in sales or marketing, fiduciary responsibility in accounting, etc. Be sure the issues you select are something about which reasonable people might disagree. Your analysis for both the non-profit and the for-profit should include:

1. Define the ethical issue you have selected and its relevance to each entity;

2. Provide an explanation of how the issue has developed or changed over time;

3. Give examples of cases involving this ethical issue;

4. Give a brief explanation about what, if any, personal experience you have had with this issue, and your thoughts and feelings at the time of the experience;

5. Offer an explanation of what your opinion is and what you think should be done;

6. Back up your opinion/solution with ethical concepts;

7. Provide an explanation of at least one additional perspective on the issue based on ethical theories you have studied.

The analysis should be 8 – 10 pages in length and written using APA formatting. You may propose an alternative project of your own design that shows attainment of the corresponding course outcome. The mentor must approve the alternative project.

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