paper on the us south

Did emancipation bring meaningful freedom for African Americans in the South? In answering this question, you should address the lives of African Americans before slavery ended as well as the era of Reconstruction.

For your synthesis papers, you should try to incorporate as much of the assigned readings and discussion materials from your assigned units as possible. They should be a minimum of 4-5. Double spaced time new roman, cite using below instructions. These papers are not book reports or summaries I expect you to have a strong argumentative and analytic voice in this paper.

In these papers, I will be looking at your: Analytic Skills: your ability to make sense of the different readings, to work through contradictory evidence, to acknowledge and explain nuance and subtlety, to put individuals in their broader context, and to develop your own interpretation of the evidence. Writing Skills: your paper should be well-organized, with an introduction that presents your argument and puts it in context, well-defined paragraphs that develop your argument point by point, and a conclusion that reminds the reader of the significance of your arguments. Your writing should be clear, specific, and vivid. Your paper should be carefully proofread, not simply spell checked.Read your paper out loud to catch any errors in phrasing, have a friend read it to catch any unclear passages. Part of what you need to be doing in these papers is making sense of the evidence yourself, in your own words.

When you use someone else’s words or thinking, you need to quote their phrasing and give them credit (in a footnote). Failure to do this is plagiarism (and see the syllabus for further details on this). That said, be careful to not overuse quotes in these papers. When you do you use quotes, be sure to also provide necessary context. Don’t let quotes make arguments for you; use quotes as evidence to prove the arguments you are making. Use quotes only when the phrasing is particularly important. Remember that you are doing in these papers is distilling things down to the most important ideas and making these ideas your own. Extensive use of quotes stands in the way of that project. Do not take this to mean that you shouldn’t ever use quotes. Especially when you’re working with primary sources, carefully chosen quotes can wonderfully enliven your paper.

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