pediatric bipolar depression disorder discussion

this is a debate discussion on pediatrics patients only (1-12yr old)

please choose your position whether you are FOR orAGAINST diagnosing pediatric bipolar depression disorder,

minimum of 4 references, APA format with dio or url please

Discussion: Pediatric Bipolar Depression
Disorder Debate
Some debate in the literature exists specific to whether or not bipolar disorder can be diagnosed
in childhood. While some have anecdotally argued that it is not possible for children to develop
bipolar disorder (as normal features of childhood confound the diagnosis), other sources argue
that pediatric bipolar disorder is a fact.
In this Discussion, you engage in a debate as to whether pediatric bipolar disorder is possible to
Learning Objectives
Students will:
ï‚· Evaluate diagnosis of pediatric bipolar depression disorder
ï‚· Analyze consequences to diagnosing/failing to diagnose pediatric bipolar depression
To Prepare for the Discussion:
ï‚· Choose your position for or against the issue of diagnosing pediatric bipolar depression
ï‚· Review the Learning Resources concerning the controversy over the diagnosis of
pediatric bipolar depression disorder.
To complete.
 Write “for” or “against” in the subject line of your Discussion post.
ï‚· Based on the position you choose, justify whether or not pediatric bipolar depression
disorder should be diagnosed.
Support your position with evidence and example.

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