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Assignment: Performance Appraisal

As an HR professional, part of your job is to ensure a smooth and transparent performance appraisal process. In most cases, you will find that both managers and employees are hesitant about participating in the formal review process. Reflect on some of your previous experiences with annual, biannual, or quarterly performance appraisals. Was there a particular style or approach that you preferred either as an HR manager or employee? Was the appraisal evaluative, summative, or formative? Do you believe the type of appraisal impacted your overall view of the process? Keep these thoughts in mind as you prepare for this week’s assignment.

In this Assignment, you will examine a performance appraisal process.

Complete this Assignment by developing a 3- to 5-page paper, following the guidelines below:

  • Provide an overview of performance appraisal instruments, identifying three specific types of performance appraisal instruments.
  • Evaluate any three components of a performance appraisal instrument that you believe are essential parts of every instrument. For the appraisal instrument you identified, which components are necessary for employee motivation and why? Based on the components you have selected, in what ways might each need to be adjusted to effectively motivate and satisfy a high-quality, diverse workforce in today’s global economy?
  • What are some of the differences, attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions that employees have toward appraisals? Identify three positive examples of approaches toward conducting appraisals that can be used as best practices.
  • APA Format

Be specific and provide examples with references to the literature provided this week.


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