personal reaction paper

After completing your required reading and videos for the week, please prepare a two to three page essay/personal reaction paper that should include:

  • discuss the videos and readings you have explored
  • explain the concepts of patriarchy and privilege as you understand it
  • formulate your own opinion on the concepts, articulating your position on these issues
  • in conclusion note how these two issues might affect your diversity assessment and quality improvement plan efforts, and identify at least two potential solutions to the dilemma; if you see no dilemma, explain why

These are the attached videos and readings. You don’t have to read or watch them if you already know of them. I just need a 2-3 pages essay that covered all of these point

Required Reading:

What Is Patriarchy (And How Does It Hurt Us All)?

Patriarchal Society: Feminist Theories of Patriarchy

What is Patriarchy 1?

What is Patriarchy 2?

7 Reasons Why Patriarchy Is Bad (and Feminism is Good) for Men

What Women Really Want Is the Patriarchy

Why Straight White Women Perpetuate the Patriarchy

White Women, Patriarchy, and White Superiority

Tammy Duckworth Will Spend Her “Maternity Leave” Fighting The Patriarchy

Masculinity isn’t the problem. Power is

Yes, Men View Women as Sex Objects

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack(This article has been widely used, quoted, and analyzed since it was first written in 1989 by Peggy McIntosh. It is considered the seminal body of work from which all others dealing with white privilege, have sprung.)

Three Essays that use Peggy McIntosh’s work as a base

Packing the Invisible Knapsack

Commentary: This is white privilege

Video: Sometimes You’re A Caterpillar (3:18)

Video: Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings (4:17)

Video: What is PATRIARCHY? What does PATRIARCHY mean? PATRIARCHY meaning, definition & explanation (4:24)

Video: Let’s finally talk about Patriarchy (21:02)

Video: Race & Privilege: A Social Experiment | Regardless Of Race | CNA Insider (7:27)

Video: White Privilege Glasses(1:10)

(White Privilege Glasses Discussion Guide)

Video: Cracking the Codes: Joy DeGruy, A Trip to the Grocery Store (3:56)

Video: Ben Shapiro Destroys “White Privilege” (9:47)

Video: Milo Yiannopoulos-WHITE PRIVILEGE IS NOT REAL AND HERE’S WHY (25:58)

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