personalized search engine 1

1Personalization is a commonly used technique by search engines to return more customized search results based on individual users’ preferences. For example, if a user’s query is “apple” and we know that the user is a computer engineering, then search engines would return results relevant to the Apple product (such as Mac) rather than the pages relevant to the fruit.

One possible way of capturing a search user’s preferences is to use his/previous queries and click-through information (i.e., which pages have been clicked for the previous queries). Please design a personalized search engine that can use the past queries and click-through information to personalize search results. Discuss the pros and cons of your solution

2.When searching for relevant tweets, one of the common problem is that there could be too many relevant tweets with respect to a query. Can you think of a way to better to organize the Twitter’s search results? Instead of simply returning a ranked list of tweets, can we do something beyond that

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