persuasion assignment 2

As part of your online work you read the chapter on persuasive writing. The chapter discusses how to determine persuasive writing, which is to communicate an idea with clarity, focus, and power, the writer must be able to discern their audience. In English 2010 the audience is that of college educated persons. Good writing is enticing; it draws the reader into the text with vivid and crisp ideas. An engaging title, coupled with an interesting introduction (Win the Audience), and a well-focused thesis (Define the Issue) goes a long way toward capturing the reader’s attention. Once the reader is engaged, the writer must defend or support the thesis with vivid, concrete illustrations (Make the Case), followed by a conclusion. The conclusion, in most cases, should avoid being simply a summary. The conclusion should serve as a “call to action” or provide an “insight” to the issue being addressed.

Go to American Forum and identify a new episode, still choosing from an episode that addresses aspects of your topic. Analyze the new episode for the use of persuasion. After listening to episode copy and paste the transcript; using a color in the highlighter tool in word, highlight all the elements which determines and illustrates how the episode Wins the Audience, Defines the Issue, and Makes the Case (provide these as attachments, the attached highlighted articles are worth half of the points). After making such an examination, write a 300 word analysis of each article explaining your examination and conclusion.

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