phase 4 case analysis


Report #4 Strategic Assessment & Change

Part One: Case Analysis

Read Does your Organization Have the Capabilities to Execute Its Strategy? By Donlin and Walmer

(included in your HBP Coursepack)

  1. What are “strategic capabilities” as defined by the authors?
  2. What are the barriers that stand in the way of successful execution of strategy for organizations?
  3. Define and summarize the author’s proposed new four-step approach for “strategic readiness” planning and measurement.

Part Two: Applying concepts to Self & Organization:

In preparation for your Critical Assignment

  1. Strategic Assessment: Assess your organization’s capabilities to execute its strategy by applying the 4 step assessment model identified in the Donlon and Walmer Balanced Scorecard Report. This includes (1) defining the organization’s capabilities, (2) analysis of strategic capability gap(s), (3) prioritization and identification of actions to close identified gap(s), (4) establish governance & renewal (identification of resources and monitoring)
  2. Innovative Change Plan: Identify a specific change model (Kotter is recommended) and detail how you will apply and implement each step of the change model in order to effectively implement the top priority innovative change needed to close competitive gap.
  3. Ethical Considerations and Implications: Examine what are the ethical factors, implications, and or repercussions that can result from this strategy and change plan. How does your personal world view, (including personal values, beliefs, and faith) shape your strategic examination?

This assignment can be completed in question and answer form, so long as assertions are supported and cited per APA format. Remember that Part Two of this assignment is designed to help you formulate and make progress on your Capstone Project. The Capstone Project Paper will have to be in essay form. The more thorough you are in your work on this assignment the stronger your drafts and final project will be.

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