philosophy essay1

Details: This essay should be between 1000-1500 words.

Please select a question from the list below, and make sure to clearly state the question you are answering at the start of your essay.


q What is utilitarianism? Critically assess the plausibility of this proposal.
q What is euthanasia, and why is it considered to be morally different to murder or suicide?

Is it?
q What do you think is the best moral argument for vegetarianism? Does it work?
q Does freedom entail the ability to have done otherwise?
q What is the harm principle? Does it pose a justified limitation on our freedom?
q What is Rawls’ conception of a just society? Is it is tenable?
q What, if anything, would be wrong in simply saying that anything counts as art so long as

this is what was intended by the creator of the artefact in question?
q Can two identical objects differ in their aesthetic properties?
q Can one properly form one’s aesthetic judgements via testimony from aesthetic experts?q What are Gettier-style counterexamples, and how do they challenge the classical account

of knowledge?

q Is knowledge more valuable than mere true belief?q Is ‘knows’ a context-sensitive term?

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