please read the directions project proposal

I chose option 1 because it was the easiest option out of the other options.

Please complete the project proposal. This will be followed by the project assignment, which is posted below. Your focus is the one page project proposal. You need to complete what i have made bold. 1 double spaced page which will talk about the steps you will have to take to finish the project. Come up with a workable plan for the creative project.

For this assignment, I am asking you to write a proposal for your upcoming creative project (see the detailed instructions for that project below). Your proposal should explain the option you picked, why you picked it, and a list of the steps you will have to take to finish the project, as well as any questions you have about the project. You should also consider if your project will require citations (if you are using other people’s intellectual property like images, music, or text) and how you will incorporate those citations into your project. The purpose of this proposal is to come up with a workable plan for your creative project that I can check and give you feedback on, as necessary.

Length: 1 page double spaced. Proposal due: Wednesday, July 31. Upload to this assignment.

Creative Project Assignment

In English classes we tend to focus on analysis and argumentation through papers and exams; however, there are many other ways a person can respond to and interpret a text. This creative project is your chance to explore a different mode of interpretation by imagining yourself as an author, by imagining yourself as a book publicist, or by imagining yourself as an illustrator. Choose one of the options below.

Option 1: Creative Writing

If you choose this option, you will write an original short story related to the theme of growing up or developing personal identity using one of the techniques we’ve observed in our books this semester. Those include:

  • A journey to significant places (including a map of the journey)
  • Short but vivid descriptions of people and everyday events in a neighborhood
  • A comic strip that combines images and text to tell a story
  • Fantasy or supernatural elements combined with daily life
  • Two main characters telling a story in alternating first-person voices
  • Letters back and forth between two characters

Your creative writing should be 3 pages long double spaced (or 3 pages of comic strip). It can be fiction or based on real life (yours or someone you know – with names changed if you want).

You must also include a one paragraph reflection at the end that discusses which technique you picked from the list, why you picked it, and why you think it is or is not effective in telling a story now that you’ve tried it yourself. Talk about how doing this creative writing helped you learn or understand something more about a book/theme from this class. You will submit the actual project on the Creative Project assignment page.

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