please review below

Part 1. Written Discussion. In no less than 200 words, explain:

  • Security concerns when using the Internet.
  • Privacy concerns when using the Internet

Part 2. Mini-Lab 1. Use your own system to identify secure and insecure websites.

  • Use your favorite browser to identify one secure site and one insecure site (see example below)
  • Answer the following questions.
    • How do you know if the site you are visiting is secure or not?
    • Explain what makes it secure or unsecure.
  • Provide screen prints to show your findings.
  • One example of each will be sufficient.

For example:

This is an example of an insecure site.

An unsecure site.

This is an example of a secure site.

A secure site.

Part 3. Mini-Lab 2. In this lab, you will be using your own system to accomplish the following:

  • Become familiar with the (Command-Prompt) Command Line Interface (CLI) tools that are commonly used to find information about a system
  • Identify your IP address (use of ipconfig command): what is your IPv4 address? What is the corresponding IPv6 address?
    • Test the connectivity to another system (use of ping command). Did you find the system?
    • Identify how many hops does it take for your system to reach the system you want to access (use the trace route tracert command). How many systems does it have to traverse before it gets to the destination system?
    • Provide screen prints and explain your findings.
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