power point 103

Description: As an Administrative Assistant for Kapor Pharmaceuticals, you have been asked to create a presentation on Telephone Communication for the office staff. Using the information presented in the Telephone Communication Section of the chapter (188-194 and page 138), create a slide show in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or a web-based presentation app like Prezi.

Your Presentation should include the following:

  1. Title Slide (include the Topic, company name, and your name)
  2. At least one slide for each heading, using the heading as the title(s).
    Use bullet points to summarize the main items ( Do not write full sentences from the text)
  3. Keep slides simple with no more than 4 bullets per slide
  4. Add appropriate graphics to Title and and at least 3 other slides

Adding sound is not required.

A script is not required, however, you may add notes to your submission.

Considering the headings and sub-heading in this section your presentation should be 25 slides

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