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Over the last 2 weeks, you’ve been delving into philosophy, the nature of truth, historical context, and how artifacts reflect their historical context. This week, we’ll be adding to that knowledge with art theory and composition as you examine a painting or a sculpture.

This week, your goal is to help one another create a narrated presentation discussing a Renaissance painting or sculpture. You’ll be divided into groups and have a graded group discussion (worth 20 points, so please make sure that your contribution is evident!) to work in to develop your plan.

  • Please begin by reading the section in the lesson on art, watching the art tutorial, and then helping one another discuss the components of visual art (line, color, composition, etc.).
  • Then choose a painting or sculpture by an artist discussed in Chapter 7: The Renaissance: Florence, Rome, and Venice in the textbook. Please choose an artifact that was not extensively discussed in the chapter for this project.
  • Then talk about the following.
    • Historical context: What was going on in this time and place in history? Politically? Religiously? Economically? Socially?
    • The artist’s life: What consistent themes show up in the artist’s work? What are her or his areas of interest? What other works is the artist well-known for and why?
    • The artist’s technique: How was your artist affected by the artistic movements of the day? Does his or her art reflect any of the characteristics of an artistic movement? Why or why not? What techniques does your artist use?
  • Your task by the end of the week is to create a 3- to 5-minute video or narrated slide show that unpacks the techniques used by your artist and explains your group’s interpretation of the artifact. Your interpretation is the critical aspect of this project—it’s like the thesis statement that holds the project together. Answering the above questions will help your group make a solid interpretation.
  • Please post your video or presentation here by the end of the week, and carefully use APA formatting to help with any research you wish to integrate. Please make sure you include a reference slide or submit a reference page with a video.

Please make sure you read the lesson for the week, spend some time with the art tutorial, and look at the grading rubric for this assignment.

I wanted to do the Mona Lisa and Leonardo as the artist

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