powerpoint presentation 197

I am looking for assistance with the following powerpoint presentation for a business law course.

POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS submit a powerpoint explaining a case cited in the book BUSINESS LAW NINTH EDITION IBSN 13 978-0-13-400477-8 by henry cheeseman. The presentation will be between 5 and 8 slides . You can use text or pictures so be creative in expressing yourself.You will be assessed on your ability to accurately convey the facts, issue,rules, analysis, and conclusion of the case. i am not concerned about what case is used. walmart is a big case that is in the book fyi and their treatment of their employees. a civil act the movie based on a true story was also a case that was in the book that could also be used in the powerpoint.

Please be advised that the cases are summaries and you will need to do a little research to have a more comprehensive understanding of the case.

A good reference would be a youtube video on “preparing a brief”.

How to organize your powerpoint would be

FACTS: Tell me what happened in the case. Who filed the lawsuit and who was the defendant.

ISSUE: What was the question that the Court had to decide? ( an example in a criminal case might be whether the police had violated the defendants 4th amendment rights by conducting an illegal search) A Civil case might include whether the defendant breached the contract.

RULES: This is the authority that the Court relied on when making its decision. Often this is other cases before, or statutes or the Constitution

ANALYSIS: This refers to the Courts rationale and why it decided what it did.( Maybe there was a lack of jurisdiction because the company did not do business in that state.

CONCLUSION: What was the Courts decision. Caselaw is an appeal from a lower court so the higher court would affirm, reverse or remand. You will have to explain what the lower court found so that I would know what was reversed or affirmed.

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