prepare roughdraft

Prepare a rough draft of your paper according to this objective:

Issues Project: Research on the Emerging Trends and Issues: Each learner must research two related trends in 21st century adult and career education that have been dividing educators, experts, administrators, etc., and will impact the future of education in the United States. Please address philosophical, social, economic, political, demographic, and diversity issues. Scholarly writing in APA format with complete coverage of all items mentioned here is expected.

The rough draft will be the ENTIRE body of your paper, written in paragraph form, with headings to introduce each section of the paper based on your outline, and sources cited appropriately in APA style.

It is called a rough draft because you have not yet gone through and edited the paper for meaning or proofread it for grammar/mechanics. You will, however, have written the complete paper at this point. It is understood that while the structure of your paper will remain the same, the details may change as you edit it for the final version.

  1. Please use the following link to make sure you are using the correct format for the different heading levels: . You will need headings and subheadings for each section of the paper, based on your outline.
  2. In your Introduction, prepare the scene for your readers by telling them exactly what you will talk about in your paper. In this introduction include the purpose of the paper and a list (preview) of the main topics you will discuss in your paper.
  3. In the Literature Review/Findings section of your paper, use APA style headings to introduce each topic that you mentioned in your introduction. Each topic should be supported by ideas, paraphrases, or direct quotes from the readings. Please take care to cite sources appropriately to prevent unintentional plagiarism—final papers with ANY instances of plagiarism will earn a ZERO. If you are unclear about how to prevent plagiarism, please google it.
  4. After you report your findings from the readings, summarize the main topics that you discussed in your paper and analyze what was learned from the findings–what does it all mean?
  5. Provide conclusions and (if appropriate) recommendations based on your analysis of the findings.

Your rough draft will be submitted to Turnitin to check originality. You will have access to the Turnitin results which should help you prevent unintentional plagiarism in your final version.

Your rough draft will be evaluated based on the Issues Project Rough Draft Rubric (Assessments/Rubrics). Feedback will be provided to assist you with finishing the final version of the paper.


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