psy 110 vision board worksheet

There are 2 parts to this assignment see attachment below regarding how to complete the vision board assignment.

Part 1: For this portion of the assignment, you will be creating a vision board. A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of one’s dreams, desires, and goals designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. A vision board uses the law of attraction to attain your goals.

Part 2: Respond to each of the following questions see attachment

FAQ Week 5 Vision Board Assignment

  • I am not able topurchase a poster board, what do I do? No worries! I am grading that you have includedall of the elements. There are other ways to create a vision board virtually.You may choose to compile your images in Microsoft Word.
  • I don’t have access toany magazines/pictures to cut out? Again no worries! You may choose to print clipart pictures from your computer to use for your vision board, but you can alsochoose to create it virtually too.
  • How do I submit apicture of my vision board? All submissions should be submitted in Microsoft Word asONE document.
  • I have multipledocuments to send, how do I do that? Please submit all parts of your assignmenttogether as ONE document. You can copy and paste your vision boardpicture/image directly onto the worksheet if need be.
  • Is my vision board justa collage? No,for this course there are specific elements you must include. Please use thechart in the assignment directions to clearly include the following sections:Prosperity, Aspiration, Time Management, Family, Motivators, Goals,Skills/Knowledge, Career/Life Path, Helpful People. : Prosperity, Aspiration, Time Management, Family,Motivators, Goals, Skills/Knowledge, Career/Life Path, Helpful People:Prosperity, Aspiration, Time Management, Family, Motivators, Goals,Skills/Knowledge, Career/Life Path, Helpful People

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