question week 5

The Continental Difference

– Select a forum that interests you most for your initial post; then reply to two of your classmates in another forum thread than your initial post.

– please chose one of the 5 ( 380 Word Minimum) Max 500 words.

1. Rousseau’s Reason ;

What does Rousseau have to say about reason in modernity, and what is the significance of his critique of reason? How does human reason compare or contrast with what Rousseau understands as sentiment or compassion?

2. Rousseau’s State of Nature:

What kind of place is Rousseau’s state of nature, and what is his view of human nature? Thus far, whose view of the state of nature/human nature do find most convincing?

3. Rousseau’s Social Contract (General Will):

Rousseau’s social contract can be summed up as the General Will? How does the General Will differ from the “will of all”? What kind of sovereignty is the General Will, and Is it desirable or achievable?

4. Rousseau’s Freedom:

What does Rousseau mean when he says Man is free but he is everywhere in chains? What does he mean when he says men may need to be forced to be free? He is he right?

5. Kant and the Categorical Imperative:

Immanuel Kant works out a set of principles in which he argues there is only one categorical imperative (CI). It is: Act only in accordance with that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it become universal law.

What doe Kant mean? Also, what does Kant mean when he likewise asserts that we ought to treat each other not as a means to ends, but treat each other as ends in themselves culminating in a “kingdom of ends”? Is it desirable to live by unconditional universal maxims or principles to do what is right or exercise duty?

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