rapidminer q amp a

To answer these questions you will need to instal rapidminer. https://rapidminer.com

a. You must write your own answers using your own words.
b. You may go back through the Tutorial 2 steps for find answers. All answers are present in radipminer tutorial
c. You must write your answers on the Word document provided.
d. You may not include a title/cover page

E. Questions and Answers document attached

Note1: when instructed to add another entry in the Edit Parameter list, click Add Entry button at the bottom of the panel.After completing this step there will be two entries: Customer ID and Product Name.

1.Handling Missing Values

a. Click on the Statistics tab.Are there any missing values?


b. Why is it not a good idea to just filter out the examples right away instead of removing attributes and replacing the missings in Age?


c. Right-click on Select Attributes and disable the operator, then do the same with Replace Missing Values. What result did you get?


d. How many examples are left in the data set now?


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