read case 2 the burger war in n out burger cafferky pp 585 588

Read Case 2: The Burger War: In-N-Out Burger, Cafferky: pp. 585-588. Supporting your premises and conclusion(s) with references or observed evidence, post a well-reasoned and thoughtful reflection of 250-300 words for the following question.

Identify the trade-offs that In-N-Out is making with its strategy, as well as any likely long term ramifications associated with that strategy.

Cafferky, M. E. (2012). Management: A faith based perspective.Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0-13-605834-2

Read: Cafferky, M. E. (2012). Management: A faith based perspective. Boston, MA: Pearson: Chapters 6-7.

Read: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association: Chapters 6-7.

Read: Gaimon, C. (2008). The management of technology: A production and operations management perspective. Production and Operations Management, 17(1), 1-11.

Review: the book you selected for the book review assignment.

Recommended: Karns, G. L. (2011). Stewardship: A new vision for the purpose of business. Corporate Governance, 11(4), 337-347.

Recommended: Antoniou, P. H., & Ansoff, H. (2004). Strategic management of technology. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 16(2), 275-291.

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