reflection 151

This reflection should be 500 words long. Below are some questions to give you ideas about what you should write, but don’t feel obligated to answer all of the questions. For this reflection, you will be graded on your critical engagement with the skills we have talked about so far in this class, so it might be helpful to review some of the PowerPoints from class. Although you are free to organize your reflection and your ideas however you think is best, here is a format that might help you think about the kind of information I will be looking for:

  1. Transition from your previous idea. Help your reader understand the relationship between these two separate ideas/skills.
  2. Choose a specific technique or strategy we have learned (specifically a rhetorical skill or something having to do with research).
  3. Explain the technique in your own words.
  4. Describe how you used it as you worked on your CP. If you don’t think you used it as effectively as you would have liked, explain what you wish you had done differently.
  5. Explain how this skill relates to other areas of your life. Have you used it in another class? Do you imagine using it in the future? How has it changed your approach to reading, writing, critical thinking, etc.?

Again, you do not have to do all of these things in every paragraph, but these are the primary moves you should make in order to show critical engagement in your reflection. Remember that you can adapt portions of this reflection for your final ePortfolio.

Questions to consider:

  • What did you learn about research or writing while working on your CP?
  • Did you work to use rhetorical strategies that you hadn’t used before?
  • Did you imitate some of the strategies or structure that we saw in Better?
  • What skills did you develop regarding either research or crafting an argument?
  • How has the CP built on or called into question the writing techniques/strategies that you learned in 39B or 37?
  • What did you do in order to understand this paper as a unique genre?
  • How did understanding the genre change your rhetorical choices (or research strategies)?
  • How will the things you have learned change your approach to the next assignment?
  • What was your biggest challenge in writing this paper? What did you learn from the experience that you plan to do differently in the future?
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