reflection paper based on lecture notes and a credible online presentation

Evaluation of an Online Presentation

Length: 1-2 pgs., double spaced

Document Format: PDF

Responses should be in a short essay response format (i.e., no bullet points, use complete sentences, employ multiple paragraphs).

Online presentations are becoming more and more popular. Provided this, it is vital to be able to critically assess the quality of such presentations. This assignment is geared towards this aim. Find an online presentation of your choice and analyze it. How does it compare to the material discussed in class? How could you improve it? Make sure to CITE in-text and define at least two concepts seen in lecture. Considerations should be paid both to the verbal presentation of the content and the use (or lack of) visual aids. Classify what kinds of visual aids are used (i.e., representational, demonstrational, or experiential).

The basic structure of the SR should be as follows: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph should introduce the main concepts of the reflection and its topic. The body should define each of the concept(s) you selected form lecture and discuss them in relation to your speech. Make sure to use in-text citations. You may include more than one body paragraph. The conclusion should detail what you learned. For instance, you could use the following prompts. “I learned that”…Express an important learning outcome, not just a statement of fact. “This learning matters because”… Why does this matter to you (personally or professionally)?

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