reflections and discussion must be completed within 7 hours

At the end of each Module, use this forum to discuss what you have found interesting from the module. Right a page of reflection each on each model.Three models in total and expecting three pages. A component of the Final Project is a final reflection paper and this discussion forum may help you reflect on your knowledge development for our student learning outcomes.

The following Student Learning Outcomes may be used as trigger questions for discussion postings – but feel free to discuss any topic related to our course or raise questions and/or comment on content. Also if you find a helpful resource that you would like to share (i.e., website, book) please share here.

  • Describe the onset and development of childhood stuttering ASHA IV-C, V-B
  • Describe and be able to support the factors that contribute cause or promote stuttering. ASHA IV-C
  • Instruct a set of interview questions to be used during the collection of a child’s case history and anticipate the relevance of potential client answers. ASHA IV-D
  • Correctly differentiate normal from abnormal disfluencies during a live conversational speech sample. ASHA IV-C, IV-D
  • Construct an evaluation outline/table for a child with a suspected fluency disorder. Include how each listed procedure may lead to a diagnosis of “normal”, “stuttering-like” speech or other fluency disorders. ASHA IV-D
  • Measure both qualitatively and quantitatively normal and abnormal disfluencies contained in a conversational speech sample ASHA IV-D
  • Construct a treatment plan (outline) for a child who stutters. Include information appropriate to share with family members and other caregivers/teachers. ASHA IV-D, IV-F
  • Demonstrate the following primary fluency facilitating techniques: easy, relaxed approach – slow movement (easy onsets, soft touches, smooth transitions and reduced rate) along with stutter more fluently techniques. ASHA V-A, V-B

The attached files are the modes needed for the assinment

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