request for information

  • In this assignment, you will identify specific needs and requirements of a hospital. This is a formal way of telling potential vendors what the requirements of the hospital are. This document must include the following:
    • Examine and describe the compliance, privacy needs, and requirements of the hospital.
    • Examine and describe the information system needs and requirements of the hospital.
      • List current hardware, software, administrative applications, data storage processes, medical informatics, and so on.
    • Examine and describe the internal and external communication needs and requirements of the hospital.
      • This includes Internet, intranet, security, intra-departmental communication, inter-department communication, patient communication, other telecommunications, networking, and decision support services.
    • Examine and describe the billing and coding needs and requirements of the hospital.
      • This includes insurance and managed care companies contracted with the hospital and patient billing, payment methodologies, reimbursement methodologies, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other government programs.
    • Provide key components that address the strategic needs of the hospital. For example, administrative, technological, clinical, and organizational.
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