Research Article

Research Article Papers- the student is given the opportunity to find research on the material covered for that chapter(s) or week(s). The research article papers obviously need to include the topic, the article information or URL, and also a works cited reference at the end. Make sure that the assignment is a max of 2 pages of text with information to support any conclusions. The assignment is probably more realistically 1 page or so. As with the discussion questions, this assignment has room for opinion, but please support what you write! The research articles are due by the end of Thursday of the week they are given. Make sure that this assignment and the discussion question are set up pretty much the same way, but that they cover two different topics and that the research article has an outside source to back it up.

**** This weeks chapters are 3 and 4. It can be any topic regarding these chapters. I have an eBOOK. This is the website…


Password: Johnnie1$

once you enter you click GREEN button “enter course now” and then click eBOOK 🙂

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