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Use the following template for the paper… APA_Template_With_Advice_(6th_Ed) .doc

Submit a 10-page term paper on the development of a simple research design centered on the “Effectiveness of Advertising on Social Media on Sales Promotion”. The paper must follow the APA format and include at least 10 references. Due to the assignment tool on the 9th week of the class and the discussion tool. Use a Survey Method in a Quantitative Design Model. Use 20 survey questions and a five-point Likert Scale with at least 20 clients to obtain your data

Research Design Paper Guidelines—The final project should include the following and use APA format:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Abstract
  • Body of Document with subheadings written in bold type
  • Introduction
  • Review of the Literature, includes 10 referenced sources.
  • Research Statement, which includes the purpose of the research study and several research hypothesis.
  • Method and Design which is identified as either a qualitative or quantitative research study.
  • Discussion and Results
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Reference Page
  • Appendices. Examples are Survey questions and answers. Graphs to present the research findings.

Use the following as the foundation for this paper:

Effectiveness of Advertising on Social Media on Sales Promotion

Currently, there are several social network sites concerned with advertisements. Some of the widely used social network sites include MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Such social network sites have different features and are associated with different benefits regarding advertisements (Kumar & Kannan, 2016). Since many people use such websites, the advertisements made tend to reach to a high number of individuals. According to various studies conducted, Facebook and Twitter are the widely social media sites used by most companies for connection and information sharing with customers. Due to the increased use of social media sites, this research proposal aims at investigating the effectiveness of the advertisement made through social media regarding the promotion of sales.

Research Objectives

  • To find out the significance advertisements for SMEs through social media platforms
  • To assess the relationship that exists between promotion and social media advertisements.
  • To recommend social media advertisements by SMEs for better performance.

Research Question

  1. How to choose the most appropriate tool for social media advertisement?
  2. How to manage advertisements on social media to make maximum benefits?

Research Model

The research will apply a descriptive qualitative research model where a theoretical framework will be considered. The reason behind choosing this model is because the advertisements made on social media vary in quality due to the features that they entail. Due to their characteristics, some advertisements tend to attract more customers compared to the others (Kelly et al., 2015). Through the use of such a model, it is easy to identify the tool that can be used for advertising for various companies in social media.

Literature Review

In order to understand how companies use social media for advertisements, various information will be obtained from the sales and marketing department of the companies involved. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have enabled small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to advertise on their products, thus promoting their sales. Social media blog is a strong tool that can be applied currently in advertisements since its feature attracts several customers. Besides, social media network serves as a communication tool that can be applied in sharing information, connections, and views regarding a particular product. Due to the current condition of advanced technologies, to share a message or distribute and information is currently considered to be a simple task on social media networks. The existence of social media sites has made it easy for companies to advertise their products easily and quickly. This indicates that social media is one of the websites that companies can utilize in advertising their products.

How the Topic is related to my Interest/Field

Currently, my interest lies in business, especially to in sales and marketing of goods and services from my company. As a business oriented person interested in the marketing of goods and services for the company that I will work with, in future, advertisement is one of the ways that I can use to market the products (Xie & Lee, 2015). As I advertise the products, I am supposed to understand some sites that work best for the matter of which I have identified that social media can be one of them.


Advertisement is one of the ways that companies use to market their goods. However, since traditional methods of advertising goods are currently becoming obsolete, another advanced method is necessary. In such a case, social media sites can be used as one of the platforms where advertisements can be made.


Kelly, L. D., Jugenheimer, D. W., & Sheehan, K. B. (2015). Advertising media planning: a brand management approach. Routledge.

Kumar, A. & Kannan, P. K. (2016). From social to sale: The effects of firm-generated content in social media on customer behavior. Journal of Marketing, 80(1), 7-25.

Xie, K., & Lee, Y. J. (2015). Social media and brand purchase: Quantifying the effects of exposures to earned and owned social media activities in a two-stage decision-making model. Journal of Management Information Systems, 32(2), 204-238.

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