research paper 1256

Draft TWO (2) – Thursday – 7/4 – 25 Points


•my rough draft is attached

This should be a ‘FINAL’ Rough Draft of your paper. Remember, this is the last ‘review’ that I will have a chance to provide feedback for your paper. Make sure that you have completed ALL the edits/suggestions that I provided to you for Draft One. Your paper should be as complete as possible


All Paper MUST be in one of the following: .doc, .docx, or .pdf – I will NOT grade .txt files


Your ‘draft’ should include:

  • Abstract – On its own page
  • Introduction Paragraph
    • Please BOLD Text your thesis statement
  • Literature Review
  • Analysis Paragraphs
    • At least 3 paragraphs that discuss your thesis – did your research prove your thesis and how?
    • You MUST use quotes to prove your argument
  • Conclusion Paragraph
    • Do not copy/paste your thesis – instead just restate what you wanted to prove
    • Maybe allude to further research
  • Bibliography
    • List all your sources that you have used in your paper
    • Students MUST use 4 Scholarly Sources
    • Students can use ONLY – ONE Encyclopedia source that will count as scholarly
    • Students can use the Textbook – It will NOT count as scholarly research
    • Students can use the Internet – It will NOT count as scholarly research

Format of paper = Chicago/Turabian Footnotes:


Full Rubric: HIST2231- OnLine – Summer – Research Paper Handout.docx


How to write a good History Paper:WritingGoodHistoryPaper.pdf


Sample Papers: Constitution Sample Research Paper_A .pdf and Nat Turner Sample Paper_ A .pdf

** Students do NOT need to complete the Annotations in the Bibliography – I am not asking for an Annotated Bibliography for this Assignment**


Remember this is still a DRAFT. Turn in as much of your paper as you have created.

Please do NOT email me papers. And, NO Late work will be accepted

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