research paper on a certain type of dances 1

This is the student’s opportunity to put the concepts of this course to work and pursue their own personal dance interest. Selecting one certain type of dances of your choice, it can be ballet, tap dance, ritual dance etc and write a four pages research paper on your selected topic.


  • No unreliable, unacademic sources like Wikipedia, or other websites. These are not allowed and may result in a failing paper.
  • This is not a personal narrative. Do NOT use the first person pronoun (I or we).
  • Sophisticated, smooth transitions between your paragraphs
  • MLA works cited page (if you need help with MLA citations, click here). Without MLA citations, your paper will fail. I may fail your paper without a works cited page.
  • Writing that is free of plagiarism.
  • Cite your sources properly in your essay.
  • MLA formatting
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