research paper you will be preparing a report on the size location purchasing power and market potential for the three largest minority target markets in the country hispanic americans african americans and asian americans

The Internet provides a wonderful opportunity for doing marketing research and learning about various consumer markets. In this research paper, you will be preparing a report on the size, location, purchasing power, and market potential for the three largest minority target markets in the country—Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans.

Your paper is worth 100 points, see the breakdown of the points below. Part 1 of your paper is to be in outline form. Part 2 will be narrative (paragraph.) The final paper is due Sunday of Week 5 to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox area.

Not all information on each market will come from just one source. I recommend you use the resources available through the Stafford Library. This gives you access to a wide variety of accurate online sources for your research. In addition, you will need to access more than one website for each market. All of the information below needs to be included in each report. Be sure to cite all information that is not common knowledge and provide a bibliography at the end of the paper.

Make sure that you review the full assignments details for the Research Paper.

Note: Work submitted for this class must not have been previously submitted by you or another individual for any course. Any student who submits previously used work will be reported to Columbia College Student Life and Academic Affairs administrators and a 0 will be given for the assignment.


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