research report about e commerce

Research Report about E-commerce

The primary field of study is International Business, and the main topic of this research project is the current banking system.

I did full research just I send it to my professor to give me feedback and seems I did it wrong need changes.

This is her comment about my report research :

You are not following the instructions given to write this assignment.

This must be based on what you posted long back on Research Sketch. Your headings for the body paragraphs should be those 4 points you have. Then the Introduction is also not written as I wanted. See the sample posted. Give the main heading and subheading also correctly. After that follow the information which I have copied below. This is what u posted in your research sketch. Follow that and write. This is a research report, not an Essay. A report is written after the research is done.

Research Question: What advantages does the current banking system have especially in international business?

Focus of the question: Advantages of the current banking system

Supporting points:

1.Convenience when using a banking system with smart devices

2.Easy access to the trade between countries or individuals

3.Paperless and transparent in the process of international trades

4.Including simple transactions, the possibility of having linkage with investment and redistribution of money

Thesis statement: Current banking system has many advantages such as easy access to banking, convenient usage with smart devices, paperless and transparent in international businesses, and linkage with other investment and re-distribution of money.

I just need you to recorecting it and change what’s necessary following professor instructions clearly.

you need is to follow my research plan sketch.( attached)

I have attached all the required documents the proffesor give us.

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