respond to discussion 7

Respond to those two discussions :


Very interested video, today many teenage girls and boys suffer from depression diagnosed or not , not all of the school or parents are doing something with that, leading to suicides and even traumas. There are multiple reasons why a teenager might become depressed, for example , teens can develop feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy over their grades , school performance , social status, sexual orientation or family life can each have major effects on how teens feels, and if the teen does not found for a proper help and dont want to have a normal happy mind state is must probable that the teen has depression. That’s why Megan Shinnick is trying to make schools , fathers and mothers and even friend to realize and to pay more attention of the teenage conducts and acts of self harm. She is encouraging for more programs to be created in school to help the ones in depression and telling that depression is not only one thing of a day is an illness that can bring death if not treated like a normal one. Depression is not only presented in USA but worldwide ,WHO ( World Health Organization) said that depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 300 million people affected and the majority are teens. WHO identifided depression as a different form usual mood fluctuations and short-lined emotional responses to challenge in everyday life, especially when long-lasting and with moderated or severe intensity, depression may become a serious condition. That why it is so important for the parents to talk to their kids and teens about their state of mind to teach them if they are feeling with changes of mood and many other symptoms to find help and to not be affraid of that. Depression is something that we as a society need to pay more attention and to make more programs to help those in need.


Teenagers and Drugs

In the video, “Teenagers and Drugs-Two Things That Don’t Go Well Together” Julien Finn explores the issue of drug abuse among teens. From the video, Finn talks to a group of individuals with the majority being teenagers who listen carefully to the topic in discussion. The Video uses visuals whereby some types of drugs commonly used by teens are well presented in pictures to make the audience have a clear picture of these drugs as well as understand the issue of drug abuse in a good way. Finn starts his talk by use of a rhetorical question; asking the reasons as to why teens use drugs. Such an introduction enhances the attentiveness of the audience. The video explores some of the common drugs used by teens in the US with prescribed drugs being on the rise among the teens (Gottlieb, Mark, et al. 702). Finn explores some of the main drugs used by teens. For example, alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, antidepressants, inhalants, and cocaine among others.

The video is important in that Finn discusses the issue of drugs that is already a global problem. Through exploring the effects of drugs, Finn seeks to create awareness not only to the audience but also to other people across the world. This is because some individuals use drugs without knowledge of their effects. Additionally, the video discusses the signs and symptoms of a teen who is using drugs (Rajan, Sonali, et al. 145). The signs which Finn discuses are helpful especially to parents and guardians. This is because such signs can help them to know early in advance when their children are starting to use drugs and take measures to stop them (Festinger, David et al. 483). Apparently, the video is helpful as it addresses a very important social problem in current society. Drug abuse among teens is an problem that needs to be addressed by all.

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