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A very recent example of a situation in the news that pertains to some of the risk management concepts is the South Philadelphia Refinery Explosion that occurred at Philadelphia Energy Solutions on the morning of June 21, 2019. The refinery explosion was report on national news and caused quite a concern for local, state, and federal officials due to the large explosion from an alkylation unit at the facility. Some of the risk management classification systems such as the FIRM Risk Scorecard or the PESTLE classification system could be utilized for the gas industry and emergency management after this event. I also think the 4Ts could be utilized as this facility was approximately 150 years old and parts and equipment could also be sub par and very risky to use during operations. A website I found to be helpful on the incident is the website. The website gave great info on what was known at the time of the explosion and what transpired over the next several days.

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